Of course, no one takes care of you or a loved one as well as you can. The reality is that sometimes you’ll need some extra help. A1 Homecare provides the help you need. Stay in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We can dramatically improve the quality of life for our clients. It’s in-home health care that enhances independence and well-being. The ancillary benefit is a higher degree of safety and dignity.

A1 Homecare provides for all your needs within the comfort of your own home. As a Certified Homecare Agency, we serve those communities throughout the greater Philadelphia / Delaware Country metropolitan area. We’re Medicaid Certified and State Licensed. Our philosophy is to deliver the highest standard of care within our industry. Here are some of those services.

Medication Reminders

Assist with feeding

Light housekeeping, household tasks

Personal care, bathing, hygiene

Preparing meals and ensuring proper nutrition

Laundry assistance

Assisting with dressing

Hair, skin, foot, nail and oral care

Washing clothes


Communicating with larger healthcare team

Respite care


We Help People Feel A Sense of Appreciation and Connection
The human condition suggests that without socialization, people feel lonely, disconnected, and isolated. They will most certainly experience loneliness and or depression.

When family moves away or we lose that human connection, seniors especially are harder impacted. A1 Homecare offers companion care that facilitates the missing emotional and social support that they are lacking.

Companion care involves a great deal of what most would expect but the biggest contribution that we focus on is conversation and intellectual interaction. We focus on delivering a broad opportunity to our clients that helps to build relationships and a renewed sense of purpose.

Conversation, Company and companionship

Fun activities, community engagement

Grocery list planning and shopping

Social Outings

Running errands (drop off / pick up e.g. dry cleaning)

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